Wille Faulkner


Willie Faulkner, Independent trader

Somebody got a new television here only last week, or the week before, where the television gave up and they couldn’t get parts, or they hadn’t parts or something. Then you just give them a new one.

Now my electric bill is something like seven thousand pounds a year, and the rates here is something like another six or seven thousand pound a year and then there’s rent and so on after that, and there’s three wages, four wages here paid and it’s just getting so difficult to survive! But I just don’t understand how this wee shop is still surviving here.

Well, I’m told that the Boyne Bridge is coming down, now, and there’s a new Hub going down here, and that is for a lot of visitors coming into Sandy Row. Well, you know, we don’t have any facilities here for visitors coming into Sandy Row, we don’t have anything to sell to visitors. I, we would want to be changing our stock sales, to sell something which visitors be buying.

We have very few shops in the area because, particularly on this side of the road the rates are very high, we have very few shops in this area and we’re going to have very few, if we could get a footfall in here and get more people in and get a wee bit more fairness from the City Council regarding rates.

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