Eileen Drury


Eileen Drury, Manager at Harry Fletcher sheltered accommodation

I first came in here to cover for six weeks and that was fifteen years ago. People in Sandy Row are of a breed of their own. They have hearts of gold, they are lovely people. I find it many many times that…you become one of them. And they make you feel as if you are one of them.

Now they have with they’re heating grants, with their pension and different things - they have a wee bit of money now, but unfortunately they say it has come too late. If they had it when they had their children, and when their children needed it.

The best accolade that we could give to Harry was to name the building after him, Fletcher Lodge. The day we had the official opening it was a lovely day, and Harry was so proud that he was officially names as the person that opened this place.

With trying to get ambulances in it’s very difficult. Very badly designed. And you talked about the infrastructure - I had to fight for a year out there to get yellow lines, I fought with the company to get this wee car park put in, the indignity of it, having ambulances to wait outside. You know? There was no dignity to it and all-day parkers, they still do it.

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