The Belfast Archive Project is a unique opportunity to preserve and present the vanishing photographic heritage of Northern Ireland. The ‘Project’ has been and continues to be entrusted with collections of film negatives, glass plates and prints by local photographers and their families in order to protect them for future generations. In all, there are over 100,000 images in 35mm, medium format and 8mm moving film. These images are at risk of deteriorating so our focus is to preserve and make these images accessible to the community through curated exhibitions, online galleries and print publications. 

The Project has amassed its unique collection from many sources by actively seeking images that are exciting, indelible, stimulating and moving. It includes the work of some of N. Ireland’s most respected photographers. It is our goal to continue with the archive’s development. 

The Project aims to keep our shared photographic heritage as a vital part of our future.


100% of every donation goes directly to programming. We deeply appreciate your support!


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