Glenda Davies


Glenda Davies, Development Manager for Sandy Row Community Forum

I’ve worked here in Sandy Row for the past 18 year now. I absolutely love the place, it’s my home away from home. I feel privileged to be here at this point in my life. Sandy Row is a proud Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist working class community right on the edge of the city.

At SRCF it’s our ambition that Sandy Row will reconnect itself back into the city but also that the city takes note and reconnects itself back into here.

We can create a space here in Sandy Row that it becomes the place to live, work, visit and invest in the city of Belfast. And that it’s recognised for its proud culture and heritage and its identity and its contribution to the place.

SRCF is a neighbourhood regeneration organisation, we are all about the strategic voice, we are about creating the vision with our residents and our local partners about what they want and need here.

Because if people here feel good it can only better how people feel about the city, which will only improve how people feel about Northern Ireland.

It’s exciting times, it’s tough times, and we’re delighted that we’re working with the BAP and Bill Kirk because Bill came to our community at a point of significant change when we were about to undergo redevelopment. And he recorded that for us. He’s now back in place to record this critical point in time for us again, and show the transition from what went on 45 years ago to what is happening now.

Through work and partnership with the Archive Project we will then begin to create the Archive of Now, and make sure that the change and transition to the Sandy Row of the future is recorded and evidenced and owned by this community!

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